This morning, as I was setting up my computer to do my Zoom meeting, I was feeling kind of odd because my work desk is my bed!

Why am I doing a Zoom meeting on my bed?

The reason is because, it’s Monday morning and both my daughters are having their online classes as the same time.

My daughters are occupying my work desk and the dining table, therefore I have to do my online meeting on my bed.

Is this a bad thing?

No, I don’t think so because both me and my husband work from home.

We run a successful network marketing business in Asia and we have associates in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong.

We are used to being with our kids 24/7 and sometime I think our kids took it for granted that their parents are with them all the time.

And I couldn’t help but think about how few people get to experience such simple things in life.

I mean, sure lots of people have their dream, stuff on their vision boards and bucket lists.

I am sure they have things that they wanted to experience and places to visit.

But in reality, how many people actually get around to crossing off even a FRACTION of the items on their wish list?

Not many.

The majority of people never come close.

Instead, they put things off.

Thinking… someday I’ll take that vacation.

One day I’ll drive that car I’ve always wanted.

At some point, I’ll be able to buy my dream house.

Unfortunately, that day never comes for most people because they’re always putting things off into the future.

I’ve noticed this is especially true in the network marketing industry.

Network marketers are encouraged to spend time writing down and visualizing their goals.

But when it comes time to get into gear and create some forward momentum… most are stuck in neutral.

They’re too busy getting ready to get ready!

Truthfully, I am no stranger to procrastination also.

I’ve cleaned the kitchen instead of following up with a prospect.

I’ve created to-do lists and then reprioritized those to-do lists, instead of actually doing anything on those to-do lists.

I’ve gone down YouTube and Facebook Watch “rabbit holes” about cooking shows, Taiwanese gossip shows, Korean dramas, funny TikTok videos etc.